Training Tour

For the world of construction there is a change that involves the entire supply chain: in the way of designing, building and managing the building stock.

For this REbuild realizes, with the support of Ance Giovani, a path that is oriented to innovation to provide the tools to seize the opportunities of a building that is going to be crossed by a disruptive change.

The objective is to define a shared idea of ​​a new building capable of enhancing the skills and innovations of our companies, avoiding that the suffix 4.0 turns out for the building of the country a label without concrete references.

The meetings, three in 2019, are preparatory to the second Offsite Academy - scheduled for autumn - dedicated to offsite construction: two days between theory and practice, starting from a thrust on the new paradigms that characterize the building of the future, to arrive at experiment with new ways of designing, in an interactive form and with the help of those in Italy who are already doing it.