Team REbuild & Contacts

Thomas Miorin


Thomas Miorin is President of REbuild. He coordinates various initiatives for new construction, including the Energiesprong project. He has been a member of the Steering Committee and of the Executive Committee of the Green Building Council Italy and managing director of the first private district service center in Italy. In the past he was Professor of Logistics at the University of Padua and professor of "Small & Medium Enterprise Development" in international MBA. He has carried out consultancy and training activities for the development of the territory, contributing to the development of numerous districts and business networks at an international level.

Contacts: - 0464 570103

Alessandra Albarelli


Congress Manager of Riva del Garda Fierecongressi Spa, is Project Manager of the Trentino Convention Bureau and of the Riva del Garda MICE Product Club. Member of the Executive Committee of Federcongressi & Eventi, member of the Technical Committee of the italy Convention Bureau.
Professional experience gained in the world of tourism, events and local administrations. Owner of open-air tourism business, founder of the Verona Tuttintorno Consortium of which she was, first Vice President and then Director until 2010. Corporate administration experiences in companies in the real estate sector and in the management of services. From 1999 to 2014 he held public positions in the Municipality of Bosco Chiesanuova, Community of Lessinia, Consorzio BIM Adige and LAG Baldo Lessinia. He has followed Community projects, conceived and organized numerous events and participated in the associational life of numerous territorial realities.

Contacts: - 0464 570103

Monica Bagatoli

Event Executive

Monica Bagatoli manages since 2015 all the activities of REbuild events. From marketing and public relations activities - including partnership care, creation of promotional materials, integral management of the institutional site and commercial support -, up to organizational and administrative secretarial services - with coordination and logistics of the speakers, organization of meetings and presentations , collaboration agreements and executive assistant.
Professional experience gained as Junior Account Sales, in a global leader in the production of self-adhesive materials.
Graduated in Linguistic Mediation for Business and Tourism, she obtained a Master's Degree in Management of Social Enterprises, with particular focus on project management.

Contacts: - 0464 570103

Annalisa Gerola

Press and Communication

A professional journalist since 2003, he began his professional career in the printing press (newspapers the Adige and Trentino and then Sole24Ore- "NordEst") and then experimented with radio and television communication (radio TrentinoInBlu / TV RTTR). Since 2004 he has dealt with communication, offline and online, for press offices and since 2017 he has been following REbuild, for which he is in charge of preparing the annual Communication Plan - offline and online - which translates into: production of articles, press releases and newsletters; relationship with media partners and involvement in the dissemination of information; carrying out interviews and video services; supervision of paper products functional to the dissemination of the most innovative trends in the construction sector and to the cultural growth of the Community.