Rebuild Story

Rebuild Story


REbuild moves to Milan and brings many national and international best practices developed by its consolidated community. Milan is the city where innovation is developed with great attention to the social and environmental dimensions. (RE)making cities focuses on cities and suburbs, the most fragile part of cities.

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All eyes on innovation, capable of holding together environmental sustainability and business growth, circular economy and a re-discovered profitability. Modern Methods of Construction are at the core, typified by: industrialisation in production, facilitating respect for timing and budget; digitalisation, which reduces waste almost to zero and decarbonisation, to meet the 2050 objectives of the European Union on the reduction of gas emissions and the greenhouse effect.


The sector’s anti-crisis solution lies in the shift of building site works to the factory. The challenge is to blend the variety of personalised production, typical of evolved manufacturing, and the adaptation of the peculiarities of each site and each project.


Focus on ways to increase the sector’s productivity by means of a new industrialisation process and new business models for the building market: a market that is remodelled based on the ability to create value and demand through new social and participative processes.


Energiesprong is presented, an extraordinarily innovative and efficient Dutch system for building redevelopment, involving an intervention to the external shell and, consequently, significant improvement in terms of energy efficiency, acoustic performance and seismic resistance. Italy can add beauty to the process and adopt it to redevelop ancient Italian real estate assets. The #1CASAALMINUTO challenge is launched.


Reinventing construction to underline how the entire supply chain must adapt and adjust to new models of management and redevelopment, and, in addition, to put these same models into practice and replicate them on a large scale. Deep retrofit is a viable path with a high potential for scalability. 


Redevelopment is the future for the world of construction and Real Estate. Awareness of the fact that the redevelopment of existing buildings requires an integrated approach makes headway. Amongst the themes to be addressed by the Community: The Market and Policies, the Real Estate product, the Techniques.


Launch of the most innovative Community in the construction sector, attracting the most avant-garde players in the supply chain. The future of the building industry lies in redevelopment and making a change to tools and paradigms, vital conditions for the revival of the sector.