Club Partner REbuild

The Club REbuild: a laboratory to operate in an integrated way on the system innovation of the building chain. A community of companies, organizations, professionals and experts has formed around REbuild, oriented to a new way of thinking and organizing the real estate process.

The operating tables will promote ideas and contents that will allow the deep retrofit experiences in Italy to be translated into effective actions. The Club will therefore have the opportunity to activate a multidisciplinary reasoning with the aim of generating proposals and guidelines capable of effectively orienting the decisions of entrepreneurs, professionals and policy makers.



aimed at integrating skills and experience in order to launch new project initiatives capable of stimulating and innovating the market;


oriented to the creation of an active network that relies on mutual professionalism, identifying synergies and new business opportunities;


functional to the deepening and analysis of the best best practices and experiences identified by the REbuild conventions or proposed by the participants of the Club.