Call For Speakers

Become a speaker and take part to the convention in Riva del Garda (29-30|05|18)

With the convention of REbuild which is everyday closer, we launched our call for speakers: our seventh edition promotes the active participation of the entire community to expand the debate about key themes for the development of the construction sector.

To bring their own experience into the community of REbuild is a fantastic opportunity and if you have already participated, you know the quality of the speakers and the innovation of the proposed themes.







08 - 22 MARCH




  1. DECARBONIZATION: Decarbonizing the construction of our space implicates adopting new technologies and new models; the development of the constructions goes through a new way of thinking of the sector, capable of integrating productions and services, manufacture and digital technologies.
  2. RE-USE, CIRCULARITY: the production and the management of the existing heritage must have a new role inside the new prospectives of the environmental sustainability and the circular economy in all the phases of the life cycle of the projects.
  3. URBAN REGENERATION: Deep retrofit, models for an urban and construction redevelopment that can decrease the energy consumes of the existing heritage
  4. CONSTRUCTION FACTORY: reduce in the factory and assemble in the building site. Reduce deeply costs and time, increasing the quality of the results and the security of the working environment through cases and study experiences.
  5. DIGITAL: digitalization, integrated, transparent and circular approach promoting the best performance requirements, secure and durable in time, identifiable by technical information and easily accessible
  6. REAL ESTATE: to present new business models capable of uniting the energy saving in all the phases of the real estate life cycle and profitability of the development through cases and experiences.