Argentieri Andrea

Argentieri Andrea
Architect - Argentieri Architects

Andrea Argentieri graduated in Architecture at the Politecnico di Milano in 1999 . Founded in 2000 Argentieri Architects.
Expert on urban strategies & development, Smart Cities, architecture , retail and hospitality .
With over 18 years’ experience in masterplanning, real estate,design ,brand identity and events.
His interests and activities focus on the interactions between the physical and social worlds of cities.
Through extensive experience on diverse urban contexts and complex buildings, Andrea has acquired a great understanding of how the new vision , various urban systems and processes shape our environment.
Work of Andrea Argentieri aims to give shape to new visions in particular on urban planning and regeneration concepts and development of new urban attractors, hospitality & tourism, new forms of work, retail and edutaiment and event planning.
As an approach offers a unique architecture blending conventional ingredients such as living, working, mobility, culture, social, service, shopping, sports, leisure and innovation.
regularly gives lectures and seminars in Italy .
Participates, coordinates and follows concepts and projects such as the Experia project for the new Arexpo master plan in the post Expo2015 area, the functional and architectural concept for the Mestre station extension -Venezia, the NextPortello project "Milano Alta", the redevelopment project of Viale Andrea Doria, the new Piazza Caiazzo and Corso Buenos Aires District. Among the most known projects, he signed as co-designer the new offices of Johnson Wax in Italy. For temporary events it develops some pavilions and events in Expo 2015. For BolognaFiere develops some installations of notable visibility for the fairs Sana, Saie, Arte Fiera. Of particular interest for Aldo Cibic and for Studio Cibic & Partners collaborates for La Rinascente_progetti restayling for the new department stores of Milano Duomo and Rome Tritone (new department store) Staff International new offices and stores _ (OTB group Only THe Brave Diesel), Vicenza. He contributes to some research projects that have been presented at the XII Biennial of Architecture in Venice and in various European and world capitals such as: Microrealities - the city of gardens, A Perfect Weekend, Rethinking Happiness Cultivating a community. Nominated in October 2016 Milan Landscape Commission - Town Hall representative 3 and various commissions. Recent release of the publication "communicate with the great events - from milan 2015 to dubai 2020" - Lecture Brand eXperience designing the events, the Edutaiment spaces and new urban centers with Pasquale Maria Cioffi for Ferpi.
Our projects always start with a creativity, an image and a thought.