REBuild Riva D/G 2018

REBuild Riva D/G 2018


The new ways of thinking of the Italian construction industry

REbuild 2018 looks at the innovation, which is capable of keeping united the environmental sustainability and the growth of the businesses, circular economy and re-found profitability. The goal is to define models and solutions for convergence between a renewed growth of the construction sector and the prosecution of ambitious environmental and social plans.

From the popular demand of the families to the requests of real-estate finance, the development of the real estate and the construction sector go through the adoption of strict criteria of sustainability. However, the numbers of our GDP do not depend only on the sector transformation, but also on the success of the transition of our country to a really decarbonized economy.

We need to share what today is considered something of a few people. After 25 years of experience with LEED, the most popular international rating of sustainability, in the United States only an elitist percentage of their constructions found a certificate. If we want environmental sustainability to stop being a part of a fraction of the heritage but an ordinary aspect, it is necessary to adopt processes and feasible solutions to intervene in bigger bands of buildings. With two principal effects: to give strength to the goals of urban regeneration and open new opportunities for growth and development to businesses and professionals.

To unite the quality of the interventions and the scale of the investments is at the center of REbuild 2018. The attention is pointed at the new ways of thinking of the construction industry and their capacity to adapt to the variety and the width of the heritage.

The research of the Italian experiences that build the Italian path to the industrialization of the constructions is going further. Thanks to the confront with their own community, REbuild wants to select cases and experiences to all scales - from retrofit to the single building to the renovation of entire neighborhoods - to share the most innovative transformations of the activities of design, production, and management of the constructions.

The change is not just a prerogative of businesses and professionals, but it is even about the actions of the public subject. After the long dialogue with the institutions, REbuild proposes to prefigure policies and interventions that, to the different scales, can guide the transition to new models of design and development of the cities, thinking that the market needs public choices helping the change.

Scientific committee

The members of the scientific and technical committee of REbuild come from prestigious academic and professional realities. Like in the past editions, they guarantee the high quality and relevance of the themes of the convention of Riva del Garda. Being part of the scientific and technical committee to transversal realities of the real estate, economic, energetic and environmental sector, allows the member to have a double role both proponent and skilled critic with respect to the program of the VII edition.

Members of the committee


Two days of work, full of ideas to give a new impulse to a sector which is looking for innovation and new business. Plenary sessions and fishbowl arena for a dynamic and deep discussion about the proposed themes, but above all, open innovation through the meeting for professionals and networking in an informal climate on the shores of Lake Garda.

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Call for speakers

With the convention of REbuild which is everyday closer, we launched our call for speakers: our seventh edition promotes the active participation of the entire community to expand the debate about key themes for the development of the construction sector.

To bring their own experience into the community of REbuild is a fantastic opportunity and if you have already participated, you know the quality of the speakers and the innovation of the proposed themes.

Details about the Call for Speakers


Lots of national and international experts that jump on the stage of REbuild to share visions and innovative contents with our community.

All the speakers of the 2018 edition