Canale Energia - Quotidiano Energia

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Quotidiano Energia: From 2005, with more than 10.000 latest news every year, sections, index and energetic products’ prices, Quotidiano Energia is a landmark for sector’ specialized information. An approved working and deepening’ instrument, with analysis about oil, gas, electrical, hydro and environmental markets; focus on legislation and revenue; meetings’ organizer in Parliament and interesting events about energy’ world. Monitoring, also, everyday fuel prices performed in Italy.

Canale Energia is a free daily newspaper centered on business opportunities and new technologies for companies and final users, starting to know the energy sector in a specialized way energy’ sector. Developing strategic choices based
on international benchmarks and understanding how energy efficiency, building and bioarchitecture, production and industrial chain of different sectors are strictly linked to energy case: these are the subjects daily faced.