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Created in 2005, Archiportale is the online magazine of architecture and design, the undisputed reference in Italy, consulted annually by 3 million of architects, interior designers and home users, as a source of updated events, competitions, fairs, exhibitions and architecture. As well as the main dates in Italy and abroad, the biographies of architects and designers and the projects featured day by day, Archiportale proposes focus on various events, with exclusive content, thanks to the careful work of reporters and journalists. Appendix Archiportale the Blog Room, is a virtual bulletin board in which thousand of registered users publish their comments, articles, trips themes and videos. is the first portal, created in 1999 by experienced engineers and architects and by the shared need to create a unique finder of building materials, companies in the sector and technical-legislative guidelines for design in Italy. Today it is the most consulted search engine for construction by Italian professionals and companies. It offers free information and free daily, updated and verified detailed regional editions, with research and geo-localized content theoretically profiled in the construction industry. A tool for designers and businesses to navigate between news updates, industry news, projects, events and competitions, notices and regulations. The heart of Edilportale is the products directory with data sheets, photo galleries, videos, catalogues, CAD blocks.