Wood Beton


Wood Beton was born in 1989 and it is a leader national firm of wood building construction systems.

The firm works both in the residential, especially after 2009 when the firm won the offer for bids for Abruzzo reconstruction, and great structure areas and in the last years it worked on prestigious works such as La Fenice Theatre in Venice, the Scala Theatre in Milan, the Strand East Tower in London and the Tree of Life, symbol of Expo 2015.

The desire to continually exceed ourselves, to offer the market more and more evolved standards, has resulted in the creation of certified systems that have changed the way of building: industrialized systems which involve a higher quality of what is produced in the factory, allowing at the same time to build structures in absolute safety, with a considerable reduction of the assembly time and with a consequent economic benefit.

Wood Beton has grown over time becoming now a point of reference for the entire building industry, thanks to detailed consultancies and "tailor-made" answers.

Design, engineering and realization. A turnkey service.