Over 25 years of continuous research and innovation developing specialized systems for each intended use made Clivet (founded in Feltre, Belluno in 1989) a market leading  company in air conditioning.

Clivet has developed its proposal for sustainable comfort and people well-being in residential, commercial and industrial sectors, designing and producing high efficiency air conditioning and air handling units for each intended use. Air quality through controlled mechanical ventilation units and multifunctional integrated systems for the simplification of plant are the values that characterize Clivet continuous technological development.

The research of a more efficient thermal insulation of the building envelope makes it essential a performing air quality system to prevent the stagnation of pollutants. Clivet controlled mechanical ventilation system with electrostatic filter eliminates harmful indoor (smoke, dust, CO2) and outdoor (pollen, PM10, viruses and bacteria) pollutants.

In addition, the unique thermodynamic recovery solution developed by Clivet, which uses all the year round the heat pump technology for the recovery of thermal and cooling energy contained in the exhaust air, provides significant advantages, such as reducing operation costs because it generates a first step of capacity that fully meets the cooling and heating power required in middle seasons.

Clivet solutions integrate in a single, compact system all components and functions: heating, cooling, air renewal and purification, domestic hot water production, simplifying design, installation and maintenance.

In 2016 Clivet has entered into a strategic industrial alliance with Midea, a leading global manufacturer of consumer appliances and HVAC systems, with the common aim of integrating product ranges, technologies and distribution organizations to realize significant potential industrial synergies, renewing its commitment to the continuous development of innovative solutions and technologies.