Off-Site Construction

VI edition

New production logic for superior efficiency and sustainability: with two dates in the calendar – in Riva del Garda and Milan - REbuild continues to aim for innovation and to present innovative processes and products to its community, in a sector that is transforming after years of crisis.

Off-site construction is the key concept of change that will feature at the 2017 events: production moves to the factory, while the building site itself becomes the assembly site for industrially produced parts.

This hybridisation of the manufacturing processes between factories and building sites is already taking place in various European countries, and has profound economic and social impact: greater efficiency, lower costs, more reliable delivery times and productive standards and new manufacturing sites with higher levels of safety and comfort.

The construction that creates a hybrid between the factory and the building site makes use of a variety of technologies: both re-use and new production can be present and it represents a revolution that is able to pull together not only higher technological and economic standards, but also the environmental and social aspects.

Given that this transition offers an opportunity for the entire chain, REbuild will be presenting all the various aspects: from solutions inspired by robotic automation and the latest artisan evolution, to economic solutions, highlighting the opportunities for investors, developers and professionals, and also the social aspects, making projects with formerly unattainable values and conditions possible.