Killmann Kay

Killmann Kay
Managing Director - GBCI Europe

Kay Killmann is Managing Director of GBCI Europe, focusing on promoting LEED and other GBCI sustainability programs in Europe. He is also the founder and President of the German Green Building Association (GGBA), a non-profit advocating the LEED benchmark in Germany and throughout Europe. Kay represents Germany at the LEED International Round Table and collaborates extensively with his regional counterparts to ensure LEED’s successful integration into European code and building practices.
Having worked for over 15 years as an architect and consultant in the US, UK and Germany, Kay leverages his depth of professional experiences in building certification, construction and design to connect with GBCI Europe's diverse stakeholders.
Kay earned an engineering degree in architecture from the University of Applied Science at Aachen, Germany. Curiosity, and a bit of wanderlust, led him to California where he gained invaluable architecture experience. In 2006, Kay eagerly embarked on the LEED path, grateful to have found a career match for his sustainability passion.