REBuild Riva D/G 2017

REBuild Riva D/G 2017


The off-site construction industry is the key concept of change proposed in the meetings of 2017: the production moves into the factory, while the building site becomes a place to assemble the industry-produced parts.

Already underway in different European countries, the hybridization of the productive processes between factory and building site has deep economic and social impacts: bigger efficiency, fewer costs, higher reliability in the delivery time and production standards, new production places with bigger security and comfort.

The construction that hybridizes factory and building site uses different technologies: it can intervene on the re-use like in the new production and represents a new revolution capable of keeping together not only the higher technological and economic standards but even the environmental and social ones.

If we want the transition to represent an opportunity for all the production chain, REbuild proposes to present all the aspects: from solutions inspired by the robotic automatization and the new evolved handicraft, to the economic ones, underlining the opportunities for the investors, developers, and professionals, to the social ones with the possibility of interventions of values and conditions that were unreachable before.

Scientific Committee

The members of the scientific and technical committee of REbuild come from prestigious academic and professional realities. Like in the past editions, they guarantee the high quality and relevance of the themes of the convention of Riva del Garda.

Being part of the scientific and technical committee to transversal realities of the real estate, economic, energetic and environmental sector, allows the member to have a double role both proponent and skilled critic with respect to the program of the VI edition.

Members of the Committee




Two days of work, full of ideas to give a new impulse to a sector which is looking for innovation and new business.

Plenary sessions and fishbowl arena for a dynamic and deep discussion about the proposed themes, but above all, open innovation through the meeting for professionals and networking in an informal climate on the shores of Lake Garda.

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With the convention of REbuild which is everyday closer, we launched our call for speakers: our seventh edition promotes the active participation of the entire community to expand the debate about key themes for the development of the construction sector.

To bring their own experience into the community of REbuild is a fantastic opportunity and if you have already participated, you know the quality of the speakers and the innovation of the proposed themes.

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Lots of national and international experts that jump on the stage of REbuild to share visions and innovative content with our community.

All the speakers of the 2017 edition.