Civiltà di Cantiere

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Civiltà di Cantiere is an innovative project for the Italian system of constructions, structured in several initiatives and addressed to a variety of subjects, based on the awareness of the profound change that is characterizing the market and the construction industry as a sign of innovation and Sustainability.
The aim of the project is to create a place of reflection of excellence in which the production world can confront the world of research, design and management so that it can produce a new culture of construction that is spread and directed towards a different way of Make building, mindful of innovation and aimed at encouraging processes of growth and economic and social development.
The goal to be pursued is the consolidation of a common vision, through times of confrontation and reflection on criticality and opportunities, which is a compass, a strategic orientation for the construction system.
Civiltà di Cantiere is born with the idea of ​​creating a system of reflection and orientation that attracts the industry's stakeholders in its orbit (Small and Medium Business Representation System, Large Production and Innovation Companies, Technical Partners).