Eurac Research

Promoter&Scientific Partner

In the offices and labs of Eurac Research, over 400 researchers are working on issues that directly affect our lives. Founded in 1992 in Bolzano/Bozen, the research themes of this private research centre are inspired by the needs and concerns of the local region, which are also relevant on a global level. The aim of the studies is to contribute to a healthy society, to regions that are great to live in, and to the management of social, cultural and ecological diversity.
As part of Eurac Research, the Institute for Renewable Energy studies technologies that produce and manage energy at different levels and scales: from applications for industry to integration into buildings, and from defining the energy balance of a single building to designing energy plans for an entire neighbourhood or city. The Institute's research focuses on five distinct areas: sustainable heating and cooling systems; photovoltaic systems; energy efficiency of buildings; energy recovery in historic buildings; and urban and regional energy systems.