Ance represents the Italian construction industry. The “Associazione Nazionale dei Costruttori” was founded on the fifth of May 1946, date where the Constituent Assembly - formed by the delegates of almost the entire number of territorial associations representing all the entrepreneurs of the sector working on the entire national territory - decided the name of the organization in “Associazione Nazionale Dei Costruttori Edili ANCE”, approving the Statute. 20000 private companies joined Ance. They specialize in public works, house construction, commercial and industrial, environmental protection, construction promotion, and specialized works. The associative system covers the entire national territory and is constituted by 102 territorial associations and 20 regional organisms. The work of Ance is aimed at the promotion and strengthening of the entrepreneurial values and the work of the construction industry and its turnover, and it wants to bring the needs of the country even further.