Bandirali Fabio

Bandirali Fabio
Vice president - Federimmobilare

Born in Milan on March 30, 1958.

He graduated in Business Economics at the L. Bocconi Commercial University, with a specialization in Economics of Credit Companies. In March 1983 he began his career as a financial analyst at Interbanca Spa, where he held various positions including Director of the Turin Branch and subsequently Risk Manager at the Central Management.

In 1997 he opened the Representative Office in Italy of Rheinhyp, a bank of the Commerzbank group, which at the end of 1998 was transformed into an Italian branch and of which he became General Manager. In 2002 he was appointed General Manager of the new Italian branch of Eurohypo AG, born from the merger between Rheinhyp, Deustche Hypo, and Eurohypo, with which he proceeds to finance the main investment and real estate development operations in Italy, including CityLife and Porta Nuova.

In 2011 he left Eurohypo to start a new experience in the real estate and financial consultancy field and in the sports real estate sector.

Founder and partner of B&L Real Estate and Corporate Advisor Srl, a consultancy company in the Real Estate and Real Estate Finance sector.

Among the founders and partners of Sportium, a team of professionals aimed at consulting for the construction of sports infrastructures interpreted and developed according to a modern and innovative real estate concept of the facility.

President of AICI, Italian Association of Real Estate Consultants, Managers and Valuers Executive

Vice President of Federimmobiliare

President of the Sports and Real Estate Delegation of Assoimmobiliare

Professor of "Sports Real Estate Economics" at the Politecnico di Milano Master Real Estate Management course

Lecturer at the Master Sports Business Management course 24 HOUR BUSINESS SCHOOL

Lecturer at the Master Course "Stadiums and Sports Facilities: The New Frontiers of Real Estate Enhancement" of LUISS Business School and CONI