REBuild Riva D/G 2016

REBuild Riva D/G 2016


CIRCULAR - The big environmental challenges, the last industrial revolution, and the new technologies are changing the game rules, modifying the old way both in the demand and in the offer. Circularity means not starting from the end of the product, but from the beginning, minimizing the use of raw materials, recycling waste materials and valorizing the different phases of production. REbuild opens a chapter dedicated to the circular economy, understanding that companies could benefit big financial savings by the performance improvement. In particular, companies that are driven by circularity principles could reach the efficiency and productivity levels that are still unknown in the real estate sector.

DIGITAL - the energy challenge and one of the reuses of the existing heritage will be talked about during the presentation of other innovative national and international experiences, after the ones from Holland and Germany. The news that we will explain is about the fallouts on the market of services and industrial production, remodeled by the information technologies. Unexpected and surprising processes that see many neighborhood services involved, together with public mobility and infrastructures. The design activity represents a path through which the information technologies will allow new entrepreneurial models, prefiguring discontinued transformations with respect to the traditional organization of the market. REbuild concentrates on the cases, on underlining the generated value, on the business model analyses and the success which comes from the interaction of the different protagonists.

SOCIAL - the innovation in the reuse of the heritage is possible thanks to some new social processes. Families united by the desire to live in co-housing, young makers searching for new sharing spaces, creative and associations that work with public buildings that would be otherwise abandoned: phenomenons that underline communities that can organize themselves, creating original solutions of the reuse of the public and private heritage, resulting in new conditions to create new social and financial value. REbuild will underline and communicate stories, tools, and protagonists with the goal of favoring a new culture and promoting a market that can intercept a new demand.


The members of the scientific and technical committee of REbuild come from prestigious academic and professional realities. Like in the past editions, they guarantee the high quality and relevance of the themes of the convention of Riva del Garda. Being part of the scientific and technical committee to transversal realities of the real estate, economic, energetic and environmental sectors, allows the member to have a double role both proponent and skilled critic in respect to the program.

Members of the committee.


Two days of work, full of ideas to give a new impulse to a sector which is looking for innovation and new business.

Plenary sessions and fishbowl arena for a dynamic and deep discussion about the proposed themes, but above all, open innovation through the meeting for professionals and networking in an informal climate on the shores of Lake Garda.

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Lots of national and international experts that jump on the stage of REbuild to share visions and innovative content with our community.

All the speakers of the edition.