REBuild Milano 2016

REBuild Milano 2016



For almost 20 years, despite the strong technological improvement that has characterized this season, the productivity of the construction sector has had a flat trend on average, in some countries even negative.

The gap that was created between the constructions and the manufacture that are constantly looking for innovation and efficiency is enormous: if the production index for every manufacturing worker is circa 90%, one of the construction sectors is barely above 40%. Even though the constructive process results in something that is characterized by a phase in the building site, for its own nature with efficiency levels that are clearly inferior to the industrial process, the inertia of the real estate sector to evolve becomes evident when it is compared with car industry that since 2010 has increased its productivity by 35%.

A lot of construction operators already follow an investment strategy that tries to increase efficiency and productivity levels. This is made through an incrementation of the prefabrication share or a digital management of the process in the entire life cycle of the building. Some prefer an efficiency pushed by the principles of the circular economy applied to the construction industry, while others prefer an innovation about logistics, lean and off-site production, robotics and augmented reality. But the leading European companies actually have all these practices above in their agenda and works. In Milan, we will understand why and how some of these elements, properly used in our national context, can create a future of the construction industry that can grow and lead the development of our country.


The members of the scientific and technical committee of REbuild come from prestigious academic and professional realities. Like in the past editions, they guarantee the high quality and relevance of the themes of the convention of Riva del Garda. Being part of the scientific and technical committee to transversal realities of the real estate, economic, energetic and environmental sectors, allows the member to have a double role both proponent and skilled critic with respect to the program.

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An afternoon for an in-depth analysis of the key themes for the development of the sector through a dialogue with experts and professionals of the industry.

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Lots of national and international experts that jump on the stage of REbuild to share visions and innovative content with our community.

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