The new real estate: Powerhouse


Last year, “The Edge” talked about the transformation of a real estate development process that consolidates, around a project model, skills, players, a network of companies and hardware and software solutions.

A real estate development model where the investor is seen to gamble along with the constructor, from the designer to the key suppliers, on real estate products to be replicated. A new paradigm in which the project, knowhow, the brand, software and dedicated manufacturing infrastructures are capitalised upon. 

This year, we once again come across the same approach in the international case of Powerhouse, a network made up of leading lights from the north european market, which includes, amongst others, Skanska and Snøhetta. The model features the ability to offer real estate developments that are capable of producing more energy than they consume, even under the pallid, Norwegian sun.

Nowadays, the Powerhouse model is not only applied to new buildings, but also to regeneration operations and in the development of entire positive energy districts.

At Rebuild, Snøhetta will present the project during the opening plenary session, detailing both the technical dimension and also the underlying development model.