The future challenges for Ideal Standard


Ideal Standard will come to REbuild bringing with it new challenges. The company is noted for its interesting process of open innovation and will be bringing this approach to the two-day event in Riva del Garda in a session which will call together, and put to the test, our entire community. And the objective?To suggest industrialised construction solutions to Europe’s number three hotel chain. “Rethinking the approach to the construction world and, more generally, to the ways of living, it is now necessary to work in a context in which new manufacturing and commercial paradigms are rapidly revolutionising the modus operandi and the relationships of the building sector - states Eugenio Cecchin, CEO of Ideal Standard. This “revolution” in living, already underway, concerns, above all, the bathroom sector.  To the already unavoidable requirements such as security, accessibility and sustainability, we now add new cultural and design challenges.”

How is Ideal Standard preparing itself to face future challenges?

“We have chosen to play an active role in the changes that are underway, evolving towards an approach that is increasingly attentive towards maximising resources, maintaining the highest standards of quality and performance, and an ever-increasing capacity to listen to the requests emerging from the various market segments (residential, tertiary, hospitality and health).”

What are the main objectives you have set yourself?

“Above all to preserve the natural resources linked to the productive cycle: water, of which 67% is not drinkable and over 66% is completely recycled and put back into the virtual process; energy – 97% of our building’s electrical power in Trichiana is provided by a co-generator, whose performance enables us to issue a white certificate; waste management, of which only about 10% of refuse, at all levels, goes to the waste tip. Added to this is a whole series of initiatives aimed at further improving internal performance.

Another of Ideal Standard’s standards lies in its ability to offer solutions that meet the demands of an increasingly complex and demanding market: to have understood and internalised the LEED® protocols, the use of the latest technology and support for those who design (BIM) and a new research and development division that knows how to read the market and offer the best solutions, a new team of professionals, focused on project consultancy and new premises, designed to be ‘open’ to the city and interlocutors, determine and make visible the new approach methods of Ideal Standard.”

The modernisation of hospitality buildings is a major challenge for our country’s construction industry. This will be discussed at REbuild in an Open Lab, open to the community. So, in your opinion, what are the future challenges that await the hotel business?

“Anybody who manages a hotel today, whatever the level, cannot do without offering his or her clients a bathroom experience, where functionality and pleasure merge with pleasant aesthetics and innovation. All this without losing sight of the need to maintain high standards of performance linked to sustainability and consumption reduction, ease of management and maintenance and the optimisation of the total cost of ownership.”