Decarbonising construction


Innovation cannot fail to pass through decarbonisation and political decisions play an important part in this process. Eric Ezechieli, co-founder of Nativa, the first b-corp in Europe, is certain of this. "Politics are fundamental in establishing the essential conditions for a responsible economy, and not only just in recent years, especially in Italy. We have been able to express, sustain and fuel a policy that directs its choices and attention in an efficient manner towards the most important priorities. In Scandinavian countries, where politics forcefully push towards decarbonisation, the level of innovation and quality of life are superior. Sweden, for example, has given itself the objective to be completely carbon neutral by 2045 and is successfully pursuing this aim by involving the public; opting for a sustainability-led culture that goes hand in hand with the culture of innovation, because innovation that isn’t sustainable isn’t innovation.”

According to Ezechieli, it is also important to consider new business models, different from those of today which systematically place shareholders centre-stage. “We must not forget all the other stakeholders. The company should not only be a producer of profits to be distributed to shareholders, but also a company capable of impacting the business model of the future, an inescapable evolution of the business paradigm that is dominant today.”