At the REbuild workshop, your project becomes off-site


For a number of years, REbuild has been offering a meeting point for the very best in technology and Italian experience in off-site construction. Various operators are putting industrialised construction to the test, looking at how a project can be re-engineered and what performance, times and costs it can aspire to.

REbuild 2019 dedicates a workshop to this theme, in which you can play an active part. You will have the chance to see the leading lights of Italian industrialised construction taking a traditional project and turning it into an off-site project, and you will be able to get to know the secrets of off-site planning and how to measure the time and cost advantages, as wells the quality of the result, for yourself.

Furthermore, you could even become protagonist yourself through one of your own projects, that will be the focus of a discussion with leading Italian teams, from whom you will be able to discover how the project could be thought out, manufactured and constructed in a new way.  

There will be three working groups: one aimed at residential, another focusing on hospitality and healthcare buildings and a third geared towards tertiary, industrial and offices.

The three workshops will be led by consolidated Italian companies: the Manni Group, Wolfhaus and Wood Beton.

To apply for consideration of your project send an e-mail with the details to

Please note! Deadline 20th June.