Innovation Value

REbuild Milano - Assolombarda (Via Pantano, 9 - Milan)

02 OCTOBER 2018 from 14.00 to 18.00

Over the past seven years, the REbuild community has been promoting sustainability-led innovation within the real estate and construction sectors, introducing themes and tools which have now become of mutual interest.

However, a large part of production does not pay a great deal of attention to the transformation of the processes within the perspective of superior sustainability and innovation, and the practice of many operators is still gravitating towards variants and maximum savings. Thus, an important chance to create value, that ought to be taken into consideration, is lost.

What is the economic value of sustainability and innovation? And how can it be included in the financial models of real estate investment? To answer this question, REbuild Italy has launched the ‘Green Building: values and trends’ research project which will be placed at the centre of the discussion between the main players in the Italian real state sector. 

‘Green Building: values and trends:’ the first piece of Italian research into the value of LEED certified buildings, promoted by REbuild Italy and carried out in conjunction with CBRE Italy and GBCI Europe.

WELCOME AND INTRODUCTION :Stefano Venturi, Vice chairman - Assolombarda

The value of sustainability

Sustainability cannot be merely an ethical choice, but requires precise reference points that make its declination within the economic and financial models of real estate development possible. 

The data emerging from this first piece of Italian research into the values of LEED certification and comparison with other European experiences will form the basis of a debate between the protagonists of Italian real estate.


  • Federica Saccani, Executive Director - CBRE SpA
  • Ezio Micelli, Chairman of the Scientific Committee - REbuild Italy


Talks by:

  • Kay Killmann, Managing Director - GBCI Europe
  • Roxana Isaiu, Director Real Estate - GRESB

Discussion between:

  • Davide Albertini Petroni, Managing Director - Risanamento SpA
  • Alessandro Mazzanti, CEO - CBRE Italy
  • Marco Recalcati, Head of Real Estate Sales - UniCredit

Coordinated by: Daniele Levi Formiggini, Chairman - RICS Italy

The value of innovation

Construction is facing an important crossroads. New building methods and business models, different from those of the past, are emerging all over Europe. The outcome may well be a radical transformation of the sector, capable of combining renewed profitability and the pursuit of important environmental, social and development goals.


Talk by:

  • Thomas Miorin, Chairman - REbuild Italy

Discussion between:

  • Marco Carabelli, Managing Director - Arexpo
  • Manfredi Catella, Founder & CEO - COIMA SGR
  • Pierfrancesco Maran, Assessor for City Planning, Green Areas and Agriculture – Milan City Council*
  • Marco Sangiorgio, Managing Director - CDP Investments SGR