ReBuild 2018

29+30 Maggio | Riva del Garda

ReBuild 2018

29+30 May | Riva del Garda

ReBuild 2018

29+30 May | Riva del Garda

ReBuild 2018

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ReBuild 2018

29+30 May | Riva del Garda

About us

Rebuild 2016

Since its first edition REbuild has represented a platform for analysis, learning, networking and doing business in the construction industry. The highly focused sessions and discussions on business cases and market opportunities give attendees a clear understanding of the innovation trends and opportunity of the sector. In the last editions we have tackled the key role of deep retrofit for the real estate business and the strategies to put it in place at large scale.

REbuild is international: every year the event presents the best case studies in Italy and across the world, to find radical, concrete, effective, market-based approaches. For this reason, the convention is held both in Italian and in English and involves several foreign speakers in order to hear firsthand experiences.

REbuild limits the audience to 500 highly targeted people in order to allow individual face-to-face discussion, to share experiences and to interact in a lively atmosphere.

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