ReBuild 2018

29+30 Maggio | Riva del Garda

ReBuild 2018

29+30 May | Riva del Garda

ReBuild 2018

29+30 May | Riva del Garda

ReBuild 2018

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ReBuild 2018

29+30 May | Riva del Garda

What's REbuild

Since its first edition REbuild has represented a platform for analysis, learning, networking and doing business in the construction industry. The highly focused sessions and discussions on business cases and market opportunities give attendees a clear understanding of the innovation trends and opportunity of the sector. In the last editions we have tackled the key role of deep retrofit for the real estate business and the strategies to put it in place at large scale.

REbuild is international: every year the event presents the best case studies in Italy and across the world, to find radical, concrete, effective, market-based approaches. For this reason, the convention is held both in Italian and in English and involves several foreign speakers in order to hear firsthand experiences.

Club REbuild

The REbuild Club: a workshop for operating in an integrated manner on the system innovation of the building supply chain.  A community of companies, organisations, professionals and experts has formed around REbuild, oriented to a new way of thinking and organising the real estate process. 



REbuild creates the first Italian community by bringing together all the players in the supply chain: redevelopment becomes a strategic opportunity to get out of the crisis.

Possibilities, market failures, obstacles in the retrofit market, case studies: REbuild deals with the redevelopment of existing buildings in an integrated way.

REbuild brings to Italy the case of the American radical redevelopment: the Empire State Building. The convention becomes intelligence for innovation in the redevelopment and Real Estate sector.

RIVA DEL GARDA | REbuild launches the challenge: retraining 18 million homes in the 18 million minutes that separate us from 2050.
MILAN | The Think Tank for new construction: the first innovation laboratory to capitalize on the intelligence of the finance, energy and IT sectors.

RIVA DEL GARDA | REbuild declines the three key words in concrete practices, reflecting on how to do it to experiment with new economic models, making the energy and IT sectors interact with the building sector. REbuild presents stories, tools and protagonists capable of intercepting these emerging needs.
MILAN | Logistics, lean and off-site production, digital manufacturing, assembly and maintenance, robotics and augmented reality. Because and how some of these elements, appropriately declined in our national context, can outline a future of constructions capable of growth and of driving, once again, the development of our country.

RIVA DEL GARDA | Off-site construction is the key concept of change: production moves to the factory, while the construction site becomes the place for the assembly of industrially produced parts. Already in place in several European countries, the hybridization of production processes between factory and building site has profound economic and social impacts: higher efficiency, lower costs, higher reliability in terms of delivery times and production standards, new production locations with greater safety and comfort.
MILAN | Milan is a laboratory of experimentation also in the field of transformation of the city, confirming its role as a driving force for the country. New supply chains capable of making large-scale urban regeneration processes economically, environmentally and socially achievable.

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